How To Be Real – Via Intentions

I’ve lost many blogs. Who hasn’t? So how do I show off my great work in the past? How do I prove that I’ve been an early adopter, an online presence, and a web-stalwart through the life of this now thriving virtual world?

I do so by being authentic, which to me means being true to my own intentions. My first intention is to be a source of goodness in the life of everyone I touch through my presence. From there, everything is a projection of what my intention reveals to me as my path, my role, or duty in the situation. I work to live my truth through every interaction, and discover myself better through the process. How, you ask?

We first have to consider that the product, or the outcome of any process of self discovery, is self-knowledge. Do you wish to know thyself? Temet Nosce, anyone?

I began with the intention to know myself, which lead to an early process of self-discovery. I attempted it as I attempt any professional or personal development effort. I took every established professional as well as personal training course I could find. I took classes like Music, History, Dance, and (lots of) Math for my general electives in college. In my last semester, (while studying Computer Science,) I took two special electives, graduate-level instructor-permission courses that set the vector of my life. One was Sense21 [PDF] by the amazing Dr Peter J Denning, and the other was “SOAR If You Dare – Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset” by the late founder of The Goals Institute.

This was heaven for a seeker, one who follows his heart! I immediately got turned on to, and went for, trainings like “DNA Leadership Through Goals Driven Management” offered by The Goals Institute, and within two years of graduating college, I had founded a startup, exited it, and after spending a summer semester as a GTF, was promoted to the role of an Adjunct Professor teaching MBA students at the prestigious George Washington University Business School. That lead to other work and consulting which took me across the world.

It was at this time that I returned to formal training, and in 1998, experienced time-dilation via the NWTA offered by The ManKind Project, which was the longest 48 hours I have ever lived through, and retained the entire experience. This caused awakening that lead me to The Native American Church, Kabbalah studiesPersonal Dynamics, The Landmark Forum, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and many other teachings along the way, including Zen. This has lead to my learning and living a much more potent life than many people my age are aware of. So what do I do now?

I use the potency of my interactions. It is not said in vain that that brevity is the essence of wit. Search engines are smarter by the day, to complement the humans of our time who have very short fuses when it comes to nonsense. If what I am sharing is valuable, then the quality of my content speaks for itself. The ability to convey volumes without having to utter them is precious, and prized. Hence I attempt to keep my posts at a manageable length.

I also use the power of social networking, the presence of numerous identities that are mutually supportive, and a general tendency to say what’s needed, where, when, and in the right measure. A prolific writer, I have managed to keep a few sites alive. Links will be shared in the next entry, where this thread is intended to conclude.

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