Revealing What Matters – For Good Effect

Blogging is a boon for those who wish to curate a presentation of themselves.

I use the power of social networking, the presence of numerous identities that are mutually supportive, and a general tendency to say what’s needed, where, when, and in the right measure. A prolific writer, I have managed to keep a few sites alive. Links shared below.

Identities these days are easy to establish, and just as easy to lose. Online interactions, history, posts, comments, and exchanges go a long way in establishing a general feeling of the value we impart, but only to a point. It is who we are, our intentions, + what we do online & off, that form the basis of what we project to the world. So it all comes back to intention, and the process of self-discovery that often awakens in people starting somewhere in the middle of their careers.

What I call the #Midlife #Opportunity has also been termed the #Midlife #Crisis. It is the same amazing place, with very different names. Words matter only in as much as they affect the reader. What counts is what we do about it! I believe our attitude and intentions matter far more than the results we discover at the conclusion of our lives. In many significant teachings, intention is revealed as the most potent factor in determining a life-course.

Knowing early in life what our intentions are enriches the entire process, and frames the quantitative outcome of our decisions in a qualitative manner, as in a vector. So along with quantity, we get direction – just like the breath of an archer gives poise to the power of their frame. Intention can also be likened to the aiming hand of a free-throw shooter in basketball which directs the force of the throwing hand. This again is like effect that the positioning of the elbow of a billiard’s player cue-arm has on the direction of the cue-ball struck, which matters just as much as the intensity of the strike does. Examples abound, from art to exploration. Suffice it to say that without direction, mere force or power is meaningless.

Intention is a personal compass. For those of us who use it, intention creates the blazing trail that our lives create. Those who do not know the power of this basic human ability have the option of attempting to use this choice. Those of us who do, practice its power as a right!

I invite my friends and readers to exercise intention-setting. Let us remind ourselves what our intentions are every single day. Just like we create “resolutions” (as intentions) for a year, lets try to create intentions for a date, or a meeting, or a gathering. And then lets share these intentions! Sharing is multiplying the power of intentions, for ourselves as well as for others.

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