Time In Perspective – Tragedy and Ecstacy [Poem]

This realization of truth came when missing my baby sister who I loved and
used to teach Math to, after moving to a military boarding school, circa 1987:

The Tragedy of Time.

The TIME I dont have.. the time I dont have..
deterring me from love itself, is but the time I dont have.
What I would do, to be with you – to teach you, guide you, help you through.
What I would give to hold your hand – my legs would crumble, help me stand.
What I would pay to see your eyes – to hear your laughter and your sighs..
to share with you the little time – I wish I had, that I dont have.
When comes the day I earn this time, I’ll fly your way, to claim this time,
and then discover – to my horror – that there is time, that you dont have!
[C] AZ Zaidi 2014 [http://AbbasZaidi.com]

The following gift came through me in Nov 2004, while playing with my firstborn,
as a self-realized delightful and uplifting response to the apparent paradox above:

The Ecstasy of Time.

The time I do have, ohh, the time I do have
Bringing to me love itself, is yet the time I do have.
The work I do, the time I earn – is all done to be with you.
The things I yearn, and all I learn – are just better done with you!
The gift you are, eternal thanks, is not enough for knowing you!
You make my life, so much more real – Subhaan-a-huu Ya Living Hu*!
The day has come I learn that time, is nothing but a game divine..
and here discover, to my honor- that here is time, that I can have!
[C] AZ Zaidi 2014 [http://AbbasZaidi.com]
*Living Hu is a mystical term for the all-powerful force that runs the universe, Infinite Creator, eternal spin, great spirit, the Almighty, or any name that anyone attributes to obvious truth.

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