Managing Identity As A Product Of Authenticity

You meet a great girl, and have a memorable day in the presence of friends. Email addresses exchanged, because the phone number would be too personal. Decent! What to do now..?

You walk into an interview, and ace the face-to-face interaction. Done. But where to go from here..?

You wish to be considered for a role you know you can excel in, but haven’t got the required experience. How do you address the catch-22..?

Have any of these situations happened to you? How about with someone you know? Do you know what it takes to achieve success in situations where reputation, or for lack of a better word, credibility, would make all the difference? Here’s how I advise my friends:

Be real. Be yourself. If you don’t know what your true self is, then create an intention. Live your intention. Learn to practice intentional living. Create other intentions. Live intentionally. Intentions create character through habits. Discover that you can create your own character. 

Nowadays we have the advantage of having our virtual identities speak for us. So what does your virtual identity say? Do you care what you post? Do you care what’s out there regarding you? I happen to have a common name, despite the apparent uniqueness of it, so there are many people I have to sift through before I can find myself in any online search. Imagine the difficulty others have in discovering what I am about!

Our virtual identities form the basis of our personal reputation before we are there to support our own story. Reputations are integral to credibility, but aren’t everything. Authenticity is key, because actions eventually come back to who we are. So we have to work on who we are if we care to have anything akin to a legacy, or a history worth remembering. I am blessed to have friends the world over, so I get to see the result of interactions in a most profound way. What goes around always comes around. Karma is the only constant. Chance favors the prepared, and preparedness matters!

“Discovering yourself (the observer) is a start. Exploring yourself (the observed) is progress. Knowing yourself (the result) is a lifelong process.” ~ AZ Zaidi

You can attribute the above quote to me, but I can’t take all the credit for it. I’m standing on the shoulders of titans in order to make such lofty claims. I am studying successes and failures, both of titans, as well as of titanic failures. These include my own as well. Here’s an example of a personal failure that I’ve faced many times:

I’ve lost many blogs. Who hasn’t? So how do I show off my great work in the past when I wish to prove that I’ve been an early adopter, an online presence, and a web-stalwart through the life of our now thriving virtual world?

I do so by being real, by being authentic, and by revealing my truth through every interaction. [This is where my next blog begins.]

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