Discovery Before Design – Alliance Before Product

Product Management is discovery before design, design before alliance, alliance before product, and product before management.

We can defer the obvious and go straight for the juice:

Starting at Discovery: This is the role of a true product manager, or a curator of anything at all. To discover a useful product, to refine what is sought into what serves most, and to chip away everything that does not is the ultimate goal of successful product managers. Discovery requires, as an inherent foundation, an idea of what is intended, and results in its definition.

What is Design: Everything is a product of design, even chance. Design enlivens the discovery process into the cyclic rediscovery redesign feedback loop. This is happening all the time, in everything alive, learning, and growing. If you care to see how, merely observe your own learning process.

Alliance is Key: Discovery and design have a mutual dynamic that is best served within a team. Two heads are better than one only with vision, or a cause worthy of co-owning. Not only that, humans are by nature a communal species, and human endeavor, better done in a team. Similarly, there moving parts to any development effort, and work of significance requires cooperation between varying situations, which are best surmounted with shared direction.

Product Management is the cyclic process of discovery and design happening with alliances towards a vision that refines itself. This also means that the eventual product may be different than what was initially intended, once a product has been successfully, and finally, defined.

Allow further details of what to the author appears obvious to coalesce in their due time.

This is an ongoing process of edit, post & repost of personal beliefs at time of publication. ~AZ~

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